Inline batch processing and mixing


  • Custom design
  • Flexible set-up
  • Cost effective
  • Short clean time


A lost market for a production company is often the small custom made batches because the existing production lines are most cost effective for continuous large runs and cleaning time is significant. Profit margins for small custom made batches on the other side are normally very attractive. Is a static mixer the solution?


Custom made batches are characterised because they contain a basic product that is produced in large quantities, and specific additives to customise. Examples are specific tastes, colours or chemical resistance additives.

In principle the inline batch process unit consists of the following parts; main component tank, additive tanks, dosing pumps, transport pump, static mixer and a control panel. This is a fully flexible set up and will be adjusted for your application and industry, and can be used as a batch or as a continuous inline processing system.


The heart of the unit is the static mixer that has been designed to achieve a homogeneous mixture within the operation range where flow rates and viscosities can change.

The brain is the control panel where all functions are displayed and controlled including all switches, indicating lights, interfaces and the PLC. Pumps are selected based on the application; demands in the food are different form the chemical industry.

Other components like the tanks, level-and flow sensors are also selected based on the application-demands. Fully jacketed tanks with an own independent hot water system and easy CIP models are optional.

This inline batch-processing unit makes it possible for companies to enter a new market that has never been possible before.

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