Mixers for Sanitary Applications

Euromixers – Sanitary stainless-steel mixers / agitators have been designed in response to demand from the food and beverage: pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and offer a high level of hygienic construction as standard, for specialised applications the design can be customised to meet your exact mixing / hygiene requirements.

Euromixers are members of EHEDG European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group.

Hygienic Tank Mixers

Small portable mixers can be clamp, or cup plate mounted on the tank or locate directly onto the mixing vessel using a standard Tri-clamp flange to facilitate easy removal for cleaning or moving the mixer / vessel to another location. Standard mixers are stainless steel construction with FDA elastomers for food, pharmaceutical, sterile clean room environments. Options are available with EHEDG design mechanical seals or removable drives to enable the mixer shaft and impeller to remain with the vessel to facilitate sterilization in an autoclave.

Mixers with transportable stand.

Euromixers stainless steel portable mixers are designed for ease of use in a pharmaceutical, sterile clean room environment the mixer housing, motor and transportable stands are manufactured from stainless steel. Electronic variable speed drives are available with a digital speed or frequency display mounted on the control panel door for accurate repeatability.


No tools required – The mixer shaft can be fitted and removed without the use of tools utilising a custom designed positive drive chuck.
Interlock switches are fitted to prevent the mixer from starting until the guards are in place and the mixer is correctly positioned over the vessel.
Bespoke designs are available to meet specific client needs.

Hygienic mixing stations

Bespoke clean room Hygienic Mixing Stations offer optimum efficiency with Push button operated raise / lower and integration with site control systems.

The mixer drive in the photograph is a low speed with a stainless-steel motor and gear drive filled with NSF (Class H1) food grade lubricant, to eliminate the risk of oil leakage contaminating the product the mixer housing includes a “dry well” with the option for instrumentation to monitor potential leakage.

The installation included a weighing platform and an electrically operated actuator to raise and lower the mixer which can be made adjustable to suit different tank heights.


Notes – Mixers photographed on test before being installed in the production area.


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