Static mixers – Mixing shear sensitive products  


  • Specific design
  • Controlled process
  • Better quality
  • Low shear forces


Some products can withstand high shear forces others are very sensitive for it. Main characteristics of the product like viscosity or appearance can change when shear forces are too high. Could a static mixer be used to mix a shear sensitive product just before the filling machine?


The enquiry came from one of the largest European companies that produces polish product for domestic use. The company faced all kind of viscosity problems in the filling machine due to the high shear forces in the current agitator. The purpose of the mixer is to very gently blend a base polish with perfume. The perfume is injected at the entrance of the mixer. Because the mixer must be installed in an existing machine, available space is limited.


To obtain very low shear forces, a low velocity is required. As a result the flow pattern is laminar so 16 mixing elements are required. To fit the mixer in the available space, it has been formed into a U-shape. This also enables dismantling of the mixer-elements from one side. The perfume is being introduced into the main flow by a removable centreline injection.

The mixer is constructed in such a way it can be completely dismantled by its tri-clamp connections.

The results were so successful that the second line has also been updated recently.

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