IBC Mixing Station

IBC Mixing stations

IBC mixing stations for plastic or stainless steel IBC’s are a cost effective solution to ensure consistent product quality at the point of use, guide rails position the IBC and the mixer is raise and lowered into the IBC with a push button operated electrical actuator, IBC fluid mixing stations are supplied complete with a control panel and safety interlocks.

Standard IBC mixing stations can be adapted to integrate with systems on site including pumps, valves, weighing and measuring instrumentation and controls to meet specific site requirements.

The mixing station opposite is on a platform to enable pumps and valves to be installed under the IBC’s for easy maintenance. The mixer is raised and lowered with a push button operated electrical actuator.

Mixing stations for use in a Hazardous area (ATEX certified) can be supplied with electric or pneumatic motors, and a hand operated winch to raise and lower the mixer. The installation opposite also included fume extraction units supplied by the customer.

Options – Standard wetted parts are 316 stainless steel Polypropylene or PVDF are also available. Multipurpose mixing stations accommodate 210 litre drums or standard IBC’s. Splash covers for the IBC opening to prevent contamination or splashing.

Drum mixing station

Fixed or Mobile Drum fluid mixing stations are designed for use with 45 gallons (210 litre) steel or Plastic Drums and can be adapted to include a drum pump or a hopper for making additions to the product with the mixer operating. The mixer is raise and lowered into the drum with a push button operated electrical actuator.

Different mixer types and impeller configurations and mixing heads can be offered to suit a wide range of process needs, ranging from high efficiency E-300 impellers through to spiral impellers for viscous materials or High Shear rotor stator work heads to provide the optimum solutions for a wide range of applications.

Standard Options include – Electric 400v 3ph or 240v 1ph or Pneumatic drives, provision for fitting a drum pump including power point, Electronic variable speed with a digital display on the control panel facia, powder hopper or liquid inlets.


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