IBC Mixers and Agitators

IBC mixers – quickly re-mix product that has settled in transportation or storage.

Euromixers unique  range of Award Winning IBC mixers / Agitators  mount directly onto industry standard plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

The E-400 folding impeller has been designed to fit through a standard 150mm screw cap opening to quickly re-mix product before use.

IBC mixers / Agitators – provide an efficient cost-effective solution for products that need to be mixed before use.
“Using the IBC as a mixing vessel ensures consistent product quality and offers significant cost savings on transfer and cleaning time”

Euromixers E-400 folding impellers – have been developed for a wide range of applications including blending viscous liquids, re-suspending settled solids it can also be used for dispersing powders.


An optional low-level Kicker impeller can be positioned close to the bottom of the IBC to help keep product fully mixed when the liquid is below the E-400 folding impeller or for products with a high solids content.


Technical Specification

Euromixers Standard electric IBC mixers for use in a safe area are supplied complete, fully  compliant and include:

  • Lightweight stainless-steel bridge that mounts directly onto the IBC frame secured
    in place with quick action toggle clamps.
  • DOL motor starter with overload protection.
  • 24v Safety Interlock switch – essential for CE compliance.
  • 16 AMP 5 Pin IP44 Appliance Inlet plug with optional phase change on 3ph units.
  • Factory wired and fully tested.
  • Ready for use straight from the box without any additional wiring on site.

    IBC Mixer with Electronic Variable Speed Drive

    Energy efficient electric motors with IP55 protection fixed
    or optional variable speed with Integral Electronic Variable speed (ESV).

    Standard voltage and frequency:

    • 400v 3ph 50Hz
    • 240v 1ph 50Hz
    • 110v 1ph 50Hz

    ATEX certified Electric IBC mixers are supplied without a Starter for wiring on site to suitable controls, an optional ATEX Safety Switch is available if required pre-wired with a 5M lead.

    Standard, IBC mixers / Agitators are supplied with an eye bolt for lifting with a hoist or optional fork lift module – for lifting with a fork lift truck.


    Electric IBC mixer with Fork Lift option


    Pneumatic (Air) IBC mixer with standard frame

    Pneumatic (Air) Drive IBC Mixers

    Standard IBC mixer pneumatic (air) motors are supplied complete with an exhaust muffler and flow control valve which enables the motor speed to be adjusted (variable speed) the air motor is also  supplied with a hose tail for connecting the mixer to a dry lubricated air supply, however, in some applications where the motor rarely gets oiled  optional Light lube / Lube free air motors are available hence allowing more  flexibility for the operator to modify  maintenance schedules or to reduce costs on components and system maintenance.

    NEW – The New Series of Lube Free pneumatic motors are available in two styles:

    • The LL option offers a new light oil vane material and minimal rust protection which is ideal for applications where motors rarely get oiled or maintained or where there is a need to eliminate lubricators completely, the new vane material extends the life of the air motor when oiled, but also works effectively without any lubrication. Independent tests have shown more than 10,000 hours of operation in completely oil less applications.
    • Supplied as standard –  LL -Light lube motors are supplied as standard on 0.37-0.75kw IBC mixers.
    • The NLP is a fully oil-free construction with complete corrosion protection for applications where the slightest contamination cannot be tolerated.

    Estimated air consumption graphs and operating pressures for each model can be found in the Pneumatic IBC mixer pdf Data Sheet

    Pneumatic (Air) ATEX certified mixers
    are available and the recommended option for use in an ATEX zoned area.


    Gear drives for use in a safe area are factory filled with FDA class H1 food grade synthetic lubricant.

    Shaft and Impeller

    Euromixers unique E-400 folding impeller has been designed for use on Industry standard IBC’s with a 150mm screwed cap. The impellers are manufactured in several sizes to facilitate effective mixing for a wide range of products with different SG – viscosity’s and solids content..

    Wetted parts are manufactured in 316 stainless steel, alternative materials including Polypropylene and PVDF are available for corrosive products.

    HBC – High speed (Direct drive) IBC mixers are fitted with fixed blade E-300 impellers.

    LBC – Low speed (Gear drive) IBC mixers are supplied with E-400 folding impellers.

    E-400 Folding Impeller – Operating


    E-400 Folding Impeller – Closed


    Euromixers IBC mixers / Agitators are designed for use on industry standard 1000 / 800 litre plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) with metal outer frame and 150mm screwed cap, also referred to as Tote tanks, which makes them suitable for most container types.


    A wide range of industries use product supplied in IBC’s / tote tanks that needs to be mixed before use to achieve consistent performance and quality including:

    • Chemical Industries
    • Inks
    • Dyestuffs and pigments
    • Adhesives
    • Slurries
    • Food and beverage
    • Paint and varnish
    • Cosmetics industry
    • Water treatment chemicals & flocculants

    Mixer Sizing and Selection

    The table below can be used as a general selection guide.
    For  products with a viscosity over 4,000cP. Dual impellers are normally used to give a good top to bottom turnover in the IBC and an optional Low Level Kicker ensures good mixing right down to low levels in the IBC.

    Mild to Medium Agitation 1000 litre IBC

    Viscosity cP Mixer model Drive type
    HBC-37 Direct
    LBC-37 Gear
    LBC-75 Gear
    15000 LBC-150 Gear

    Vigorous Agitation 1000 litre IBC

    Viscosity cP Mixer model Drive type
    LBC-37 Gear
    LBC-75 Gear
    LBC-150 Gear

    Our application engineers will be pleased to advise on the most suitable mixer for your specific application.


    E-400 impeller CFD

    Enquiries / Ordering

    Happy to help – Please mention the mixing duty together with the SG and viscosity to enable our application engineers to recommend a suitable IBC mixer / Agitator and impeller / impeller’s for your application.

    Our application engineering team will be pleased to help and respond quickly to your enquiry – standard IBC mixers is normally stock for fast delivery.


    Tel: 0044 (0) 161 486 5099

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    Data sheet – Electric IBC mixers
    Data sheet – Pneumatic IBC mixers

    Standard Options

    • Fork lift frame
    • Powder Hopper
    • Liquid Inlet connections
    • Splash cover
    • Polypropylene or PVDF shaft and E-400 folding Impeller
    • High efficiency silencer – for Air motor

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